Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Wet Fly Ash Bricks mean uncured or inferior bricks?
Answer: No, Wet bricks does not mean inferior quality bricks. Fly Ash Bricks are usually wet because they are cured with water for more than 12-15 days. Lower layers of bricks in a batch remain wet for very long period.

2. Does Fly Ash Brick causes Efflorescence or “Nona”?
Answer: Fly Ash Brick made with cement does not cause efflorescence because there is no use of Lime (CaO). Mild whitish surface may occur due to salt content in river sand used.

3. Does corner chipping means low strength bricks?
Answer: No, minor corner chipping is inherent with bricks because bricks are manually handles multiple times before it reaches to the client site. Lesser the manual handling better will be finishing.

4. Can direct putty be applied without plastering the wall made with Fly Ash Brick?
Answer: It is recommended to apply ½” plaster on outer wall. Direct putty can be applied on inner/partition wall.

5. Does Fly Ash Brick causes crack in wall?
Answer: Fully cured & good quality Fly Ash Brick does not cause crack at all. Procure Fly Ash Brick only from reputed manufacturer & after doing required quality checks. Follow guidelines of IS 2212 Brick Work- Code of Practice

6. How to avoid shortage/theft from bricks truck delivered?
Answer: Do not allow unloading labors to throw the bricks. Let the worker make a proper & tight stack. Count each and every line of the brick stack. Else procure packaged bundled bricks.

7. What is the actual size of 10x5x3 or 8x4x4 bricks?
Answer: Actual size of 10x5x3 is 250x120x75mm and 8x4x4 is 190x90x90 with a tolerance of +/- 3mm.