Fly Ash Brick

Fly Ash Brick

Fly Ash Brick (FAB) – as the name suggest Brick made of Fly Ash. Now what is Fly Ash? Ash generated from boiler after combustion of Coal in Thermal Power Plant. FAB is an eco-friendly alternate to conventional clay bricks. Fly Ash Brick can easily replace Clay Bricks in all areas of application.
Uses of Fly Ash Brick:
* Construction of Outer and Partition wall of building
* Construction of Wall boundary
* Construction of Drain, Septic tank, Water tank
* Use in footpath, Sidewalk, Driveway
* Use in Garden & Landscaping
* Construction of floors
* Construction of arches and cornices
* Construction of brick retaining

Usage Instruction:
No specialised skill or technique required to use Fly Ash Brick. It can be used exactly the way red bricks are used. No specialised adhesive required. Regular cement-sand mortar is used for jointing & plastering. annually and is expected to generate 230 million tonne by 2020. Utilization of this amount of ash is a major concern. The present as utilization rate at national level is about 61% which means huge quantity is being accumulated every year posing environmental problem and occupying land space.



Cost Saving

SKY Brick helps to reduce cost of construc tion. Having superior finish & consistent size, reduces the need for plastering & saves plaster cost considerably. Plaster of Paris can be applied directly without cement plaster. Also plasteringcan be avoided if used for compound wall or warehouse.

Eco Friendly

There are three major environmental benefits:
1. Utilization of hazardous fly ash generated in huge volume by thermal power plants which is oth erwise dumped in ash ponds & pollutes the environment.
2. Saves precious agricultural top soil by discouraging clay brick which exploits the clay reserve causing adverse environmental impact on biodiversity & destabilization of soil structure.
3. Fly Ash Brick manufacturing does not involve in fire curing unlike conventional brick kiln that emits toxicgases from its chimney and pollutes the environment.

High Strength

Our manufacturing composition & technique ensures high compressive strength. SKY Brick can easily be used for load bearing wall & structures.

Damp Resistance

Because of its solid compaction under high pressure, there are negligible pores to allow water to pass through. Thus it keeps wall damp proof even in monsoon.

Fire Insulation

Fly Ash & Sand being more than 90% constituent, it serves as an excellent fire resistant. It can withstand fire for hours depending on wall thickness.

Energy Saving

SKY Brick has low thermal conductivity. It keeps home cooler & thereby reduces the use of Air Conditioners and saves substantial energy.

Sound Insulation

SKY bricks are sound absorbent & restrict sound transmission, keeping inside a peaceful & pleasant environment.

Pest Resistance

As the material used is all Non Organic, SKY Brick provide great resistance to pest. Also its highly compact structure resist pest to penetrate. Unlike clay bricks which uses mud containing mixture of organic & non organic minerals, thus making more susceptible to pest.

Low Breakage

Due to high compressive strength & better chemical bonding between cement & fly ash, breakages are negligible. Even during trans portation & rough handling at site, crack and breakage are substantially low.

Long Lasting

Being a concrete in nature, SKY bricks are more durable & long lasting

Greater Finish

SKY Brick are casted & pressed in steel moulds giving themthe perfect size & shape.

Technical Specification

Sr NO.



1 Composition Fly Ash, Aggregates, Cement, Admixture
2 Compressive Strength Above 75 Kg/cm² ( As per Requirement)
3 Water Absorption Below 20%
4 Density 1100-2000 Kg/m3
5 Size Tolerance +/- 20mm in Length Width (Taking 10 Bricks), +/- 3mm in Height
6 Drying Shrinkage Below 0.05%
7 Efflorescence Nil or Negligible
8 Color Uniform Grey
9 Reference IS Code 16720 - 2018



SKY - Concrete Brick

Traditional Red Brick

Sizes 190x90x90mm
10x5x3 Inch
Size Variation Variation +/-2mm Variation upto 20mm
Compressive Strength 80-120 kg/cm2 50-80 kg/cm2
Density 1300-1800 kg/m3 1400-2000 kg/m3
Shape Perfect Machine Finish Irregular
Quality Single grade 4 to 5 grades
Transit Breakage Less than 2% 2-5%
Plastering Max 1/2" thick Min 3/4" thick
Aging Reduces strength with age Gain strength with age
Damp Resistance Water absorption less than 15%(Good damp resistance) Water absorption 15-25% (High possibility of damp)
Fire Resistance Superior resistance Low resistance
Aging Reduces strength with age Gain strength with age
Termite Resistance No fungus & algae germination due to non organic properties Algae possibility
Sound Inslation Reduces strength with age Gain strength with age
Efflorecence (Nona) Negligible Very High
Thermal Conductivity 0.9 w/m2c- Lower TC keeps home cool, saves electricity 1.25 w/m2c- Higher
Air Pollution Green Category Indusry Chimney Pollution under Red Category
Soil Erosion Utilizes Polluting Material- Fly Ash Use agricultural top soil
Quality Standard 16720 Certified No quality certification
Ease of use No soaking required Must be soaked before application
Application All masonry work Same


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